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Bobak Champion graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance over 15 years ago (2004). Ever since, he’s had a busy, varied and successful career as a freelance dance Artist. Working in both Hip-Hop and contemporary arenas as a dance artist. Facilitating, performing and choreographing. His down to earth, fun, cool and charismatic nature forms instant connections with people of all ages.

He first started making work in 2004 following a successful application to Yorkshire Water, creating a one man show that encouraged young people to drink water. It unexpectedly toured Yorkshire for three years due to demand, reaching hundreds of thousands of children in primary schools.

Since then, he has successfully bounced between the Contemporary and Commercial sectors e.g.

- Received Arts Council England funding for work that has been presented in platforms and showcases throughout

the UK.

- Performed in touring productions by Hype Dance Company, Jabadao, The Demon Barbers and

Masterz Breakin Crew.

- Made a full-length Hip-Hop adaptation of Romeo and Juliet that toured top end hotels in Turkey.

- Choreographed for events with commercial clients such as; national catwalk shows for Bench clothing and car launches for Ford Motors.


His varied career path has enabled him to adopt a diverse skills set and aesthetic which he now uses to make work that is closely connected to his identity, to change the discourse on all things Middle Eastern, tackle Islamophobia and engage those who aren’t currently engaged in the arts.

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