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I'm Muslamic Don't Panik


Bobak has embarked on the research of a new autobiographical solo, part live music, part dance, part spoken word, that draws on his identity as a Bristolian, Iranian and Hip-Hop head. 

He will share stories from his travels to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Middle East,

to unearth hidden stories and challenge stereotypes about this conservative yet thriving part of the world that is often portrayed in a negative light in Western media. Rather than words instilling fear, hatred and ignorance, how might an audience be able to find love, joy, fun, laughter, respect and can any of Bobak’s personal experiences begin to do that? 

Currently in its final stage of development,

the show will be available to book

from August 2021.

Poems from Mina's Nursery

Mina's nursery.jpg

Rumi to Riz Ahmed

Bristol to Bagdad

An evening shared with Bobak including stories and poems with a middle eastern flavour.

Persian Stories for Young Audiences


From ABCs to traditional Persian children's stories. With a lack of local Persian/English children's books available, Bobak seeks change.

Making these traditional Persian stories accessible to larger audiences learning Farsi. Struggling to find the right material, in order to teach his daughter. Bobak is working on creating just the thing. 

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